new orleans recording studiosIn 2007, DJ Boudreaux and his family returned from temporary exile in Colorado with their ghetto fabulous martini lounge camper in tow, determined to reestablish their home in New Orleans. Almost immediately upon arrival, DJ discovered a cavernous, decrepit, Cold War-era walk-in cooler, and true love blossomed.

Recognizing a dearth of music rehearsal facilities among the other New Orleans recording studios in early Post-K Nola, DJ launched Studio 101 to provide a 24-hour access practice space in the heart of the Crescent City. He built the ship while he sailed it – all of the renovations were funded out of pocket, and he was obsessively hands-on during every aspect of construction.

img-outside1His family and friends were also helpful: DJ’s late father, Steve Boudreaux, generously loaned vintage equipment to the studio, as did Dave Malone of The Radiators. Jamie Bernstein interjected with moral support and unbiased faith in the project when it was needed most. DJ’s wife provided unwavering belief, occasional plates of fancy cheese, and she didn’t divorce him. Meanwhile, the bands played on as walls literally rose around them.

The end result (is there an end?) is a fresh, unpretentious industrial space that honors its New Orleans roots and its ethos of creative sustainability through the incorporation of repurposed materials as well locally-produced art. This amalgamation of old and new has resulted in a comfortable space that’s warm and neutral – a space that fosters creativity, camaraderie and collaboration. We hope you enjoy it.

Please check out our calendar to see if you can grab a session at your next available time, or contact us if you have any questions about gear rentals, using our rehearsal spaces, or hiring one of our engineers to perform some mixing on your project. If you need directions, please refer to the website tab at the top of this page.