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Studio 101 NOLA offers in house recording of full bands, vocal overdubs, mixing, and a mobile live recording rig. We have a ProTools 11 HD recording rig set up in our SMAART tuned control room.


Recording Studio Gear List: (just a small sample of our gear)

“Heart of gold”…our space ship to the musical stars:
Mac Pro 12 core, w/ 32 gig ram, SSD drives, UAD 4 core card
Lynx Aurora 16 2ea 32 ch class-A A/D-D/A convertes
Solid State Logic Nucleus
TAC Matchless w/ 12ea Langley moded Pre amps (coming soon)

Mic pre-amps:
Neve lunch box 511 2ea
Neve lunch box 517 1ea
Black Lion Audio Auteur 1ea
Black Lion Audio B12A 1ea
Black Lion Audio B173 1ea
Solid State Logic Superanalouge 8000s 2ea
Universal Audio LA-610 2 ea
Focusrite ISA828 8-ch
Grace M-101 1ea

Neumann TLM 103 2 ea
AKG 414 1ea
Blue Cactus (tube) 1ea
SE Gemini II (tube) 1ea
Audio Technica 4050 1ea
Audio Technica 4047SV 1ea
Audio Technica 4033 1ea

Royer R121

Telefunken M81 3ea
Sure Beta-52 1ea
Sure Beta-56 1ea

Universal Audio LA-610 2 ea
Black Lion Audio AGB 1ea (2ch)
DBX 162SL 1ea (2ch)

Black Lion Audio AM/CHA1