G #1 9-15-13Studio G is our largest space, 20ft by 24ft. It comfortably accommodates 10-16 people, but can be packaged with Studio F, Studio E, and/or Studio C for recordings or touring bands with large entourages or as a monitor/ FOH mix rooms. If you need room to sprawl, this is the space for you.

G #3 9-15-13

Scattered around the room are modular, custom-built acoustic panels mounted with french cleats, the panels that can be taken down and rearranged easily to bounce or dampen sound as needed. We love this space, and think you will, too.

Studio G backline gear (free with room rental on NON-RACK Rate Dates*):
PA**: 6 ea flown 15in w/ tweeter, powered by Crown Macro Tech 2400 amps
Drums***: six-piece Gretsch Catalina maple drum kit with cymbal hardware
Percussion: Toca congas and requinto, timbales, LP granite blocks, and other fun things available upon request
Bass: Ampeg B2R 350 watt head and Ashdown 4-10 cab Or Sunn 1-15 cab
Guitar: Fender Black face reissue 2-12 amp combo, Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2-12 amp combo
Keys****: Roland Jazz Chorus 120 amp combo

*Rack Rate Dates DO NOT include gear. Rack Rate Dates are the week before any major festival in New Orleans (Jazz Fest, Essance Fest, FQ Fest, Voodoo Fest, ect.)
*Specific gear availability subject to change
**PA does not come with mics, we charge a $5 cleaning fee
***Drums do not cone with Cymbals, snare, drum sticks or kick pedal. We do rent the items from our backline warehouse.
**** key board can be rented from our backline warehouse.