Vidacovich Kids Music Workshop is for kids and is free every other Sunday!


“In 2006, Deborah and Johnny Vidacovich founded what is now known as the Vidacovich Music Workshop for kids in the Greater New Orleans area. The workshop is designed to promote awareness in musical arts and culture, provide hands-on instruction for budding musicians, and serves as a healthy outlet for kids of all ages. Deborah has invited musicians from around the world to lend their talents and expertise to thousands of children for free, offering them a unique 19702036_696953507173595_6192458126979197401_nopportunity to play with and learn from some of the best musicians in the city, such as Johnny Vidacovich, Stanton Moore, Anders Osborne, and 7-piece rock band The Revivalists.” Vidacovich Music Workshop Facebook page
       Studio 101 NOLA is now a proud sponsor and home of the VMW this event is held every other Sunday at 1PM to 3PM In our Studio G rehearsal room please check our calendar for dates and times. Photo credits: Bill Lanxner,  Deborah VidacovichMaggie Wattigney